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    Hi all.
    I'm having a issues pinging my GPS. I am on 2813. Virtual expert, test finds 2 GPS signals with 10 and 12 strength. Not sure if that's good. But both bb maps and mireo cannot pinpoint me. Both find me in a radius. Has anyone else had a GPS problem. I noticed it a few days ago but just thought I might of been in a bad area. But yesterday and today was not a bad area.
    So I would like to try a downgrade. My question is can I blitz a lower build and restore whatever backup I might have. I'm not sure when the last backup was. I thought I read once that you can't load a lower backup on a higher OS?? Or was it the other way around?

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    01-05-16 04:08 PM
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    Load up HelloGPS from Blackberry World.
    Not only will it show the satellites your are receiving GPS data from and their strengths, it gives to a basic sky map of their location, along with any other GPS satellites it detects.

    It will give you a better idea on how well your GPS is functioning.
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    01-05-16 05:42 PM
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    Another decent app is "GPS Status" (BB World). Your problem may be your cache. Go into More > Tools > Manage A-GPS State > Reset.
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    01-16-16 10:54 AM
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    You will never believe this. And I hope this helps anyone else. So I have another Z30 that I bought a while ago at a very good price and thought I could flip it and make some extra cash. Well shortly after I bought it I smashed the screen on mine. So the price I paid for the second one wasn't to much more than the price of a new screen. So I figured I would swap screens and now a have a parts phone. Then I had a loud speaker go on mine so I swapped my motherboard and screen over to the Parts Phone. Back to a perfect phone and a carcus of a parts phone. Value of second phone has now paid for itself. So yesterday I backed up my phone and downgraded to a lower OS autoloader to see if it was a software glitch with the leak (I think it was). Still didn't work..
    Now knowing I still have a clean motherboard from the second phone, tonight I was going to swap out motherboards since my gps is not working. So I sit down to start the disassembly of my z30. To my surprise the first screw I touch is loose. Of to a second one, loose. Third, loose. Forth you guessed it loose. 9 of the 10 screws were loose. Without going any further I said to myself... do you think these loose screws have anything to do with my gps not working??? So I tightened them up and fired up bb maps and instantly pinged me at my front door. Closed it and opened it 3 times found me right away. I though this is nuts. So I backed of all 10 screws again a couple threads and you guessed it. It didn't work. It will only locate me in like a 3 km radius. Re did these steps tightening and loosening 3 times. Worked and didn't work each time. Wow. In conclusion if your gps isn't working properly check your screws.
    Sorry for the long read to tell you all to check your screws but it all tells a story. Just wished I figured this out before the wipe and reinstall (autoloader)
    Thx for the couple that helped with some advice.


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    01-25-16 08:14 PM
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    Thanks for the follow up keith1000.
    This may certainly help other with similar issues and also help the regulars here better understand the inner workings of the Z30.
    What you describe makes it appear part of the GPS hardware is off the mainboard, possible using another part of the device as the antenna.

    Again, thanks
    01-26-16 08:25 AM

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