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    This is a repost. Please see below italic

    There was a post here last week about how great Google Maps 7 was workiing on 10.2 - but as with all other version and all other OS10 versions so far, GPS signal is lost if google maps is running in the background during navigation. Works fine if running as the front most application, but this is obviously not realistic for navigation on trips that people are doing things like making phone calls, glancing at emails, listening to music - aka all the other things a smartphone is supposed to be able to do while getting navigation.

    Please lets not derail this thread about how great other map apps are, and instead focus on what really needs to be done about getting google maps to work.

    I have heard it's not a bug in the OS, but that it isn't being ported over correctly. I'm not sure I believe this, but if this is the case why is it that nobody has yet been able to port it over correctly?

    Developers can we have some feedback please? There are a whole lot of OS 10 users that have been patiently waiting for this very necessary business app to run in a usable way.

    KRIS - It seems that you closed my earlier thread and suggested I purchase a maps program.

    I get that you want to support blackberry developers - but at least leave the thread open so that those of us who have to use the Z10 to get around can ask questions.

    For one, my understanding is that the program you suggest uses google maps to find locations - but then uses blackberry maps for navigation.

    As blackberry maps give TOTALLY WRONG directions OFTEN in the Chicago and Milwaukee areas, I would really like to know if paying extra money for this program is going to use google's correct navigation or blackberry maps extremely poor navigation (in some areas).

    If possible, perhaps leaving this thread open would be helpful to letting people get the information they are trying to - as opposed to saying buy some program because we are unable to get the Z10 to sideload andoid apps properly as was advertised and closing the thread so that there can be no discussion.

    Blackberry is a business phone. Meant to be used on the road. Perhaps the program you suggest does use google navigation and works great, but I for one would like to confirm this before spending more money just to fix something that has been supposed to work since the beginning. Some of us really REQUIRE proper navigation from our phones. I'd think blackberry would want to reassure and help us customer who have been dealing with the bugs since the beginning (constant reboots, poor sideloads, etc.) as opposed to telling us to simply buy additional software and shutting down any discussion.
    08-15-13 04:06 PM
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    mo1991, I see you're pretty new here so first of all, welcome to CrackBerry. Secondly, if a mod closes your thread you probably don't want to start another one. That's what gets people banned. Accept the answer that has been given to you.
    One more thing: porting an app and sideloading an app aren't exactly the same thing. What you refer to is, I believe, a sideloaded app. Some android apps just can't be sideloaded as a working version.
    08-15-13 04:09 PM
  3. Shantanu Gupta's Avatar
    Have you tried it with a debug token ? works fine here.

    I still don't see a point to your thread, Google maps is obviously not supported officially and it doesn't make any sense to be complaining about it here of all the places, especially in the "leaks" section of all the sub-forums. /facepalm.

    EDIT: If you mean to say that google maps momentarily loses GPS location when you switch applications, then that happens with my nexus devices as well. Also if you aren't content with this, You could try other mapping applications which use google's map data ie. BeMaps 10 or just switch to android and save yourself (and us) the trouble.
    08-15-13 04:11 PM
  4. ofutur's Avatar
    I used navigation the other day and it worked with the app minimised... I even had a phone call in the middle.
    08-15-13 04:16 PM
  5. mo1991's Avatar

    I appreciate the feedback. Feedback is really all I was hopeing to get. If this is not the place to post, I'm usure what forum would be as google maps has many, many more problems in previous OS versions and those are well documented. 10.2 is pretty close to getting it to work properly, so this seemed the place to post.

    I am not a big poster as you can see, but I am not new to blackberry or the forum.

    Shantanu - Are you saying that navigation works fine in the background without losing GPS if the debug token is enabled? Can you please confirm this? Also, can you point me in the right direction to get debug token for 10.2

    ofutur - can you please let me know your OS, gogole maps version? Can anyone else confirm this - sometimes it seems to take a minute or two to lose GPS, but it always does. I have done many tests.

    Feedback much appreciated, both on getting google maps to work and on whether or not Kris's nav program uses google navigtation or blackberry navigation (blackberry nav works poorly in my area - bad directions)
    08-15-13 04:16 PM
  6. Kris Simundson's Avatar
    08-15-13 04:23 PM

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