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    So I'm using and finally got my first glitch with my phone. It starting to forget my yahoo email password. Not too big a deal since I don't use that email for anything of real importance.

    I love this build, have amazing battery life, smooth as silk in everything I do, and haven't had any other issues. This one just started. I'm not to keen on jumping on 10.2 yet simply because people are still learning the pros and cons and I'm not too adventurous that way. Anyone know of another build that doesn't have this issue or any of the others? Like I said, first issue I've had and just started recently, as far as possible issues you can have using leaks, this one isn't a big one. I'll just stay on this one unless someone knows something else dramatically better.

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    08-07-13 07:00 PM
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    [thread moved added device to title]

    leak crew any help here?
    08-07-13 07:29 PM
  3. bradu1's Avatar
    [thread moved added device to title]

    leak crew any help here?
    Lol. Thanks.

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    08-07-13 07:53 PM

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