05-02-15 06:29 AM
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    So i have read all the thread, and honestly i didnt try anything that you suggested to solve this issue, but somewhere in this forum i' ve read that doing a full backup of the phone via blackberry link would solve it. It s been a year since i bought my q10 and i havent done any backup since then, so yesterday i did it, a full backup via blackberry link. After doing it i noticed that the call log was missing, but i restarted it and waited a while and then it was all there, even the contacts's pictures that werent showing well (all pixelated) now they look ok. Also dont know how, but the extra paired pc disappeared. A few days ago i decided to do a factory reset to my laptop, but when i installed blackberry link again, i noticed that i had three paired connections PC, PC-1, PC-2. Before that only PC was the working one. But after the re install of BBLink, the last one was the working one (PC-2). So after the backup, only PC-2 is there and working. How to take away the "2" i dont know, but at least is the only one there. So far still showing only one paired PC, and the rest of the phone its ok.

    Really sorry for my english, hope it helps and that it wont appear again!
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    05-01-15 01:08 PM
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    My problem was solved by doing an upgrade of the Core OS + Radio files with Sachesi.

    BlackBerry Z10, the way to go!
    05-02-15 06:29 AM
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