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    Maybe I can get some clarity here, i've always been tempted to fire up 10.3.xxxx but i've seen a lot of confusing threads about non-destructive and destructive files/OS. Can someone please explain to me the difference between the two, while at it, I should state that i'm using Q10SQN100-3/ (yes... i'm so much in the "past" don't laugh at me). so which leak is a better daily driver ( yes I know all leaks has bugs) that's why I said a "better" one for my Q10. I'm in South Africa and on the Cell C network.

    I apologise if this has been discussed before, I tried to search and didn't find anything.

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    09-19-14 11:08 AM
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    Well if you searched you probably found a lot of information. But here it is...running an autoloader is destructive. It wipes your phone and you start from scratch unbless you load a backup (called restoring)

    A non-destructive load of an OS uses Sachesi and involves sideloading bar files (many many of them in some cases) over the top of what you already have on your phone.

    There are guides to both ways written by the ambassadors and both of them is even linked in my signature for you.
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    09-19-14 11:30 AM
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    Thanx a lot, i'll search around for bar files onced i've loaded a new leak. Thanx

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    09-21-14 11:50 AM

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