04-14-17 12:39 PM
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  1. CyberMan2013's Avatar
    You can check this thread out to see if you can get some ideas:


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    05-23-15 09:12 AM
  2. stevie_wonder's Avatar
    You can check this thread out to see if you can get some ideas:


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    Thanks CyberMan, that thread was the first one that I checked / tried out prior to posting myself.
    Seems to be a somehow different failure and mistake. Nevertheless I am keeping my Z10 now offline for a 1 week or so see if it will "recover" as in the other thread.
    05-24-15 03:25 PM
  3. stevie_wonder's Avatar
    Either you do that or you can always extract autoloader that you have with DBBT and create new autolader from the extracted signed files with the same DBBT and you will have new autoloader created from CFP
    Just did as you suggested and built my own new autoloader using DBBT with CFP Same same no different. Loader stops again in the writing section. Now I'm done with the Z10, it was a great device especially with but now R.I.P

    KUDOS to this awesome communicty , the willingness to help and level of knowledge are unique

    Thank you all
    05-25-15 04:07 PM
  4. fagotes's Avatar
    my z10 has the same problem.
    Blackberry Link is restoring the Z10 software, lets see what is going to happen.
    06-30-15 06:16 PM
  5. stevie_wonder's Avatar
    Good luck!

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    07-07-15 02:05 PM
  6. bitxon's Avatar
    Hi, I was able to recover it stevie!!
    I installed using cfp the os + radio + debrick that was listed in sachesi 2.0.3:
    cfp.exe is contained in SIC Multiwipe V1.3_With Choices
    Z10 (STL 100-1) Radio
    OMAP: Blackberry Z10 STL 100-1 (Debrick + Core OS)

    after that I used sachesi to extract the .signed files from the .bar files (using extract signed options) and rename the Core os file to os.signed and radio file to radio.signed
    Then I executed opening a cmd in windows, the command "cfp.exe LOAD core.signed radio.signed"
    It installed correctly the OS and then the red led blinking twice after 3 seconds dissapears and transformed to the error bb10-0015
    Then, renamed the debrick file to os.signed and executed the command "cfp.exe LOAD os.signed"
    After that, the z10 has gone back to life !!!

    Hope this works to someone as there has been a lot of time since the last post.

    good luck!
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    04-14-17 12:39 PM
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