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    I'm quite pleased in general with although there are a couple of annoying things which I'm not sure whether they are bugs or just the way it is but I sure would like to see changed:
    When I try to add a photo to my contacts, all the images found in my phone are displayed, including album covers that might be in my music folders.
    1.- I wish I could specify a location to look rather than the whole phone.
    2.- The default sorting is "by date and descending". Fair enough ... but when I change it to "by name and descending" (alphabetical order) the new sorting order is lost so when I try to add a photo to my next contact I have to change then sorting all over again. A pain is the ***, frankly when you do it many times. It would be nice to remember my preference.
    3.- Once I chose the photo I want, it switches to image edit mode, with the prompt to crop the image, fair enough again, but even if I click 'done' without doing anything, it saves a copy of the image with "_edit" added to the name. So I end up with all these "_edit" versions of the same images ... It should give me a chance to simply choose the picture without editing it.

    And speaking of sorting issues, I wish the 'Pictures' app had a sorting option. All I see is Recent, Date, and albums (created on their own with some criteria dictated by the OS) . How about an "all" option with sorting?

    Am I missing something on any of the above or this is like that by design ... ?
    12-13-13 11:52 AM
  2. just_luc's Avatar
    I don't think you are missing anything, but I wouldn't say it's 'by design' either... I just think they aren't there yet in the refinement of the OS.. many such things have been improved since the initial 10.0 but the music, pictures, and video apps have yet to see any love. Attention has been spent on more critical issues and rightfully so at least in my opinion. You raise good points though.
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    12-13-13 01:33 PM

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