10-11-19 06:56 PM
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    I'd be willing to re-write it to make it a bit more front-page friendly if those in charge would like.

    I really, REALLY hate data loss, even someone else's. It's an awful thing to happen.
    Troy, I would be happy to help with such a resource. I can see a few scenarios to address:

    Cloud backup
    - Google (free or Gsuite) for contacts and calendar
    - Cloud Exchange with Office 365 (for contacts, calendar, tasks and notes)
    - Outlook.com (for contacts, calendar and tasks)
    - Exporting and clean up for above

    Local backup
    - Using BlackBerry Link and Outlook (contacts, calendar and tasks)
    - Notes with "All Notes Backup"


    From the screen of my trusty Z10 using the exceptional BlackBerry VKB.
    10-11-19 06:56 PM
51 123

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