1. chalx's Avatar
    After Sachesi upgrade from 1925 to 2141 I'm facing some connectivity and charging issues.
    Last night, before sleep, as always, I connected my STL100-1 to original BBRY charger. In the morning, phone was off, totally discharged. I've plugged it and charged it for an half of hour. Now, when I plug my micro USB cable (standard OEM not BBRY cable which I used for Sachesi upgrade process) I'm getting this:
    Charging and conectivity issues after 2141 update-dtop.png
    in device manager i get this:
    Charging and conectivity issues after 2141 update-settings.png
    but no charging is actually happening and there is no connection to BBRY Link. When I restart phone with micro USB still plugged , charging starts (at slow pace) and Link can see phone. I've tried with Samsung USB cable (its thicker and with higher quality) and Link immediately sees phone and charging starts.
    I'm not sure whats changed with new version, did BBRY raised cable sensibility, but something has changed.
    02-19-14 07:45 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    I'm using the same charging cable I have used for my last phone still. And I have had all kinds of leaks. I would be surprised if they changed the sensitivity to cables. It seems to be ok. Maybe you have a bad install?
    chalx likes this.
    02-19-14 07:57 AM

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