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    I apologize to the mods in advance, I won't take it personally if you shut down this thread. But beneath my lowered brow, there is legitimate suggestion for developers (I think, anyway).

    Go at it trolls, this one is for you while we wait for 10.3 without watermarks.

    Countless languages, specialized professional terminology, unchallenged performance and yet BB10 subtly, yet continually, points out my low-brow and friends in low places by shunning even my mild slang.

    I would love nothing more than to be able to type out "****", "****", "******" (that one is admittedly a little lower than some), "hump", "love", "***", "*******", and countless others without being 'corrected' or re-typing my prose over, and over again. Surprisingly, actual curse words, once added to the dictionary aren't so bad, but still get censored more than my liking.

    BB10 is good enough to automatically correct and even predict odd words I never regularly use because they showed up in a random message, email, or Google search. Which although suuuuuuper creepy, has been pretty handy as I'm dyslexic.

    Let me be crass with my friends.

    Anyone else feel me??

    Dear BlackBerry, is there anything you can do??

    Z30 Fido
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    05-16-14 08:35 PM
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    First, this is definitely in the wrong sub reddit for the topic. You should look to see where this post would be relevant but definitely not in the leaked beta os forum

    Posted via CB10

    Edit: forum. Not subreddit. Forum. Oops
    05-16-14 08:38 PM
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    The site owners have decided that profanities are to be filtered, that is their choice, not ours to decide. Therefore, we administer as directed, and when you clicked the 'I agree' to the terms and conditions, you agreed to abide by them as well. That's the way it goes, so I will close the thread, without malice, and ask that you not attempt to circumvent the filters using alternate characters. The advertisers and site sponsors don't want to see it, either.

    If you are talking about profanity on your phone, there is Word Substitution for that.
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    05-16-14 08:44 PM

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