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    I am trying to setup my XYZ@yahoo.co.uk mail account on my Z10 STL-3 in After entering my email address I enter the password correctly. I then get the "saving and verifying your email settings" notification. After a few seconds the phone returns to the hub without having added the account. Does anybody else have this issue?

    Thanks and regards,

    08-23-14 03:19 PM
  2. altaf.s's Avatar
    After installing the new os, did you perform security wipe on your device. I had the same problem and it was resolved.
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    08-23-14 03:40 PM
  3. Jcro001's Avatar
    Aargh! I did not do a security wipe. I don't feel like setting my phone up again. I hope somebody has another solution.
    08-23-14 04:44 PM
  4. uk0311's Avatar
    I wipe my phone but still cannot setting mail yahoo.com

    Z10 STL100-1
    08-23-14 04:50 PM
  5. mrjmc99's Avatar
    Try a manual setup and put the servers in manually. The yahoo site should have this Information, you want imap, not pop.

    08-23-14 04:52 PM
  6. Nonikhanna's Avatar
    You have to get a specific app password. Go to yahoo, account and it should be something like single sign in password or something. Get that onetime password for your app, and enter that password instead of your regular one.

    Happened to me, and I got an email from yahoo that says there was a device that tried to log into my account. Yahoo is just more secure this way.

    Posted via CB10
    08-23-14 06:48 PM

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