Here's a look at the OEM 10.3 Calculator
    Attached Thumbnails BlackBerry Z30 10.3 Calculator-10.3_calculator.png  
    05-16-14 07:54 PM
  2. mvpcrossxover's Avatar
    Didn't really need a revamp

    Posted via CB10
    05-16-14 08:15 PM
  3. BBFanatic4Life's Avatar
    One thing I really want changed to the stock calculator is separation of digits. Not sure the exact term but instead of it showing 1000 it would show 1,000. When you get up to the higher digit numbers it gets to be a real pain using the stock calculator.

    Posted via CB10
    rai187 likes this.
    05-16-14 08:23 PM
  4. Graheem's Avatar
    Tip part is broken (know issue).
    05-16-14 09:24 PM

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