1. Pash Hip's Avatar
    Hi guys
    i have q10 and when i Bought this,my battery life was around 2 day,but now its lower than 1 day.
    i have and always running native whats app. im lookin for best os and firmware for best battery life.
    note this: when i use a 3g simcard,my battery life is toooooo short, around 12 hours even i dont use the phone and just on stand by.
    and when my battery goin lower than 20 % it will be turn of (but if i turn on that,it turning of automaticaly again after 8 9 min again)
    03-10-14 04:32 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    The best OS upgrade is always the newest...in this case 2141.
    Battery life is going to go down the more you use your phone.
    03-10-14 09:35 AM

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