06-02-13 11:00 PM
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  1. sjb2003's Avatar
    Ok guys of the leaks out here what are the best so far for battery issues. I am on rogers. I am using STL100-3.

    05-29-13 01:42 AM
  2. Aljean Thein's Avatar STL 100-3 At&t

    The only reason why this is the best leak for me is cause I haven't once experience reboot with this leak. How did you get .2352 ?
    05-29-13 01:46 AM
  3. sjb2003's Avatar
    Sorry my fault l am using
    05-29-13 02:09 AM
  4. Niels B's Avatar
    Best battery life
    No random reboots
    Least laggy choppy

    STL100-2 OS10.1.0.1916
    05-29-13 03:28 AM
  5. micfaust's Avatar
    using this currently as well STL100-2 OS10.1.0.1916

    Went back from the 2352 because of high power consumption and laggy droid apps (Deezer).
    05-29-13 03:55 AM
  6. Phill_UK's Avatar
    Went back from the 2352
    05-29-13 03:58 AM
  7. NMchileman's Avatar
    TMobile US here. Z10 with Today I had around 16 hours of battery life, with pretty heavy use of twitter, fb, Instagram, reddit, texting and web browsing.

    That's double what I get on my android.
    05-29-13 03:58 AM
  8. ckroboth's Avatar
    I am convinced that 2009 is the best for Verizon. My Gmail IMAP issues are gone.

    Posted via CB10
    05-29-13 04:16 AM
  9. ARWestenberger's Avatar
    Combined .2342 with the radio file from .2009, works well thus far.

    Posted via CB10
    05-29-13 07:35 AM
  10. theonecid's Avatar
    I find .2342 stock has worked the best for me on Rogers. I just tried .2354 but it was the STL100-2 version so that destroyed my MMS, etc. and changed signal to 4GLTE, 3G instead of the normal LTE & 4G on Rogers.
    05-29-13 01:51 PM
  11. tranquilo's Avatar
    I am convinced that 2009 is the best for Verizon....
    So far I'd have to agree though I've not tried the newest one that just came out. Probably won't, either...I think I'm sticking with -4 leaks only as I seem to have one of the devices that gets jealous with anything else. 2342 was smooth just tore through battery, screen on or off. Tried all the radios to no avail.

    --- Verizon -4,, r1917
    05-29-13 08:40 PM
  12. potatoman3's Avatar
    .2009 is great on Verizon. I didn't believe I could have good battery life but I am going on 9 hours and 50% left. Granted I didn't use my phone as much as I usually do but it's still the best I've seen.

    Posted via CB10
    05-31-13 04:46 PM
  13. Hamilton Guy's Avatar
    Just loaded the 2354 leak last night so too early to comment on it, but 2342 was great, it finally fixed my reboot problem.
    05-31-13 05:04 PM
  14. thurask's Avatar
    I know .2354 is smoother and less hot than .2342, but I don't think I've had the recent few leaks long enough to build up pros and cons. .1880, .1916, .2009 and .2342 were mostly a blur.
    05-31-13 05:26 PM
  15. whatsever's Avatar
    1720 (from this forum) still and see al the leaks but i wait for original OS leak and then i go. I see 2532 is officiel so maybe that one No i wait few days because next week my carrier has his first update to 10.1 so i like to know which one it's because they working together with blackberry.
    05-31-13 05:26 PM
  16. Asael Olvera's Avatar
    BB 10.1.X.1880_STL100-2-3...on Att z10 was probably the best battery...and that's wit consent use thru out the day...2354 seems to be running hot on my z10....don't know if anybody else is experiencing this?
    05-31-13 05:30 PM
  17. drjames05's Avatar
    Would anyone know if .273 is a later OS than those mentioned here?

    Posted via CB10
    05-31-13 05:33 PM
  18. WEB2010's Avatar
    Combined .2342 with the radio file from .2009, works well thus far.

    Posted via CB10

    Everything works and loads like a charm. So smooth that it doesn't take more than an hour to charge my Z10 to 100% from 35%

    Posted via Z10 at&t
    05-31-13 05:37 PM
  19. pmccartney's Avatar
    So far I like the most because unlike the 4,5 or 6 I installed prior to it, I didn't have to use an autoloader and have to reload or restore everything afterwards.

    They all ran pretty good for me. I'm one of the fortunate ones. Like others here, I never really had them installed long enough to notice any differences between them. I'm an update junkie.

    Posted via CB10.1.0.2354
    05-31-13 05:46 PM
  20. Phill_UK's Avatar
    Would anyone know if .273 is a later OS than those mentioned here?
    .273 is the software release for OS .1720 so no, it's older.
    05-31-13 06:53 PM
  21. Daveensannie's Avatar
    2354 for me personally is the best at this moment

    Posted via CB10
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    05-31-13 07:28 PM
  22. bluetroll's Avatar
    I'm really liking 2354.

    Posted via CB10
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    05-31-13 08:26 PM
  23. gtouma's Avatar
    1880 on Telstra network in Australia.

    Battery life is the best of any version.

    The others had serious battery drain

    Posted via CB10
    05-31-13 08:33 PM
  24. sdgandhi's Avatar
    Hello, just updated to .2354, I get notification for Text Messages in HUB, but when i click the message it does not open & also cannot compose text message (SMS).......

    Which is the best Radio file with this version??

    Battery also seems very bad.

    Kindly help.

    Z10STL100-2/, Vodafone, India
    05-31-13 10:02 PM
  25. danfrancisco's Avatar
    I know a lot of folks were having MMS issues with the 1880 leak, but for my use case and BB habits, this was hands down the best leak (and I've tried all of them since getting my Z10 on day 1 of the Canadian launch). I took my Z10 off the charger this morning at 7am and after a fairly busy day of calls (2 hour long conference calls), watching a few videos (one episode of the The Americans and two episodes of Arrested Development season 4 on sideloaded Netflix), constant CB10 reading (it's always an active frame), 10 or so emails, lots of BBMs and a YouTube vid (I have no ideas why my kids like the Annoying Orange so much!), all while being on WiFi half the time and Rogers LTE the other half, I'm still at 30% 18 hours later! That is epic battery life!

    UI-wise, BB10 runs really smooth. The first time I had 1880 running, there was some stuttering. Since coming back to it from 2342 and 2354, I've noticed no lag or stutter.

    I really wish everyone's experience was the same as mine. It pains me to read about fellow Crackheads suffering from such poor battery performance Here's hoping that 10.2 will provide a uniformed battery experience for all use cases on all models (STL100-1, 2, 3 and 4). I know... tall order!
    05-31-13 11:57 PM
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