12-29-16 04:29 PM
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    The instruction for removal of lock of BB ID in OS 10.3.3


    "For an unblocking of Protekt in 10.3.3 us to be necessary to download the avtoloader corresponding to your device at the link and the Core file according to links in subjects on firmwares.

    Skills of disassembling and assembly of avtoloder the Sachesi or DBBTool programs are also necessary.

    Algorithm of actions following;

    1-we sort an avtoloder (before disassembling it is necessary to dearchive), we add Core to the unpacked files and we collect an avtoloder

    2-we sew phone turned out avtolodery, we wait for loading of primary setup.

    3 - we undergo primary setup, on the page of input an ID is clicked to pass (or it generally won't be)

    4-we disconnect a network, we come into settings - Blackberry ID - to enter - we enter new Aydi, phone swears on absence of a network - we press to check and we include a network (we wait so far to appear a blackberry icon) - we return to Blackberry ID and we press to save. if phone swears on the fact that anti-theft is included - we overload the device and we repeat again. (the successful attempt is more often after reset), phone is accepted by new Aydi.

    5-we sew the device avtoloder of an urgent firmware within 10.3.3 ( for today).

    We use the device.

    P.S: if it is impossible to register are new Aydi after two - three resets I recommend to clean SIC Multiwipe phone and to repeat.

    IMPORTANT: operation to be performed with the card inserted by this and connection to the Internet is carried out through a cellular network.
    12-14-16 03:10 PM
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    Thank! As I wrote I could install the newly presented 10.3.3 on the device and it solwed all my problems! Perhaps BB10 is alive!!!

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    12-15-16 06:36 AM
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    So which version of 10.3.3 did you use? Could you please send a link?
    12-27-16 05:15 PM
  4. bigsee's Avatar
    So which version of 10.3.3 did you use? Could you please send a link? (SW)
    You find it in the CB forums. I can't do linking because I'm on mobile.

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    Here you are:
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    12-28-16 01:56 PM
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    Thanks a mill!!
    12-29-16 04:29 PM
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