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    Looking for some theories, own three batteries.

    Attached shows a great full work day, followed by a battery swap, where battery drain was suddenly terrible, PLUS the system usage was over 50% for the next two plus hours. Anyone have a theory why a fresh fully charged battery would behave like this. Running Z10STL100-3/ BT and HSPA on TELUS all work day, then at home wifi and no BT.
    Battery swap oddity-img_00001095.png
    Battery swap oddity-img_00001071.png
    Battery swap oddity-img_00001057.png
    Battery swap oddity-img_00001096.png

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    08-10-13 08:25 PM
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    08-10-13 08:34 PM
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    I've never swapped batteries since I don't got an extra one yet. However I did noticed my Systems running at near 50% for an hour before restarting my phone which did solve the issue, for a bit... then it was back up to 50%. it is certainly draining the battery and I can feel the phone becoming warmer during those periods. There must be some process running or started by the system that is causing this. I also do notice Instagram using around 125 MB of memory even after I have closed the app, it still shows up in the app manager and I can't seem to stop it (even though the app is closed)

    Small observations, sorry for the rambling and yes lastest .1047 on my Z10.

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    08-11-13 06:05 AM
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    Ok, this really is quite bizarre, and I can't believe I'm the only one experiencing it. Just swapped out batteries again, ten minutes ago, here is the system screen shot.
    Battery swap oddity-img_00001106.png

    Let me reiterate, that it doesn't do this when you power it on, after turning it off for the night, it's only when I put in a fresh battery. Didn't ever do this on any other leak etc for the past six months.

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    08-11-13 08:45 PM
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    Do you power off before switching battery

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    08-11-13 08:56 PM
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    There's a memory leak that occurs with 10.2 on numerous installs all around CB that no one from the BerryLeaks team wants to address as to why, most likely cause no one has a clue just like us + it's not in their power

    The cause of it?
    Something that has to do with powering on and off your device. Try powering off before switching batteries.

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    08-11-13 09:58 PM
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    I've found my phone doing this after resetting by holding the power button and hitting restart. I rarely do a hard battery pull now.

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    08-12-13 03:06 AM

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