08-24-15 04:15 AM
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    1) I am positive the manual statement is inaccurate.

    2) Who care? The daily difference cannot be meaningful. If it is, then you probably have more stored than internal can handle anyway.

    3) Do a nondestructive upgrade, and there's no fretting about "getting up and running"
    08-22-15 08:23 PM
  2. AnimalPak200's Avatar
    I think what the manual statement is saying is: "Keep less data on your device", by instead storing it on a removal storage card, which you remove and only insert when necessary.

    There is absolutely NO way that leaving an SD card on your device all the time could save power. Think about it, the card itself is 'a passive circuit' that requires power for its data to become accessible. Since it doesn't have its own power source, it can only get that power from the phone. Additionally, the internal card-reading components that only become active when reading a card, need to also be powered.

    So the manual is basically saying, save battery by "keeping less data on your device" [period]. If you don't want to lose the data permanently, store it on a removable SD card, remove the SD card, and insert it only when you need the data.

    It's like if I said: You can save gas by moving your load from the truck bed to a trailer. Most would say no you're an ***** (extra weight of the trailer, friction from extra wheels, etc). However, what I meant to say was. You can save gas on average by moving your load from the truck bed to the removable trailer, and only attaching the trailer when you need the load (and driving a lighter truck the rest of the time).
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    08-23-15 01:07 PM
  3. mhw100's Avatar
    Yes that makes sense. Sounds like the manual just isn't maybe clear enough. I would assume if SD cards really saved a ton of battery, manufacturers would continue to put them in there.
    08-23-15 01:26 PM
  4. ZeBB45's Avatar
    Keeping media in its designated directory is a good idea, and found this out by accident. My micro SD had been used in my BBOS before my Q10, and all pictures, music & video directories were in a folder on the root of my SD called "Blackberry"

    Using Ultimate Backup ,I was forced to move my media into the designated folders BB10 creates on the SD (Pictures, Music, Videos) I moved my media with the file manager so it wouldn't mess up my playlist's. I found that my System CPU usage was slightly lower after it post moving media.

    I'm guessing BB10 re-index it's files quite frequently and by having the media in the OS's preferred location makes the indexing easier.

    Q10 - .2226  < α∂∂ιт > 
    08-23-15 08:31 PM
  5. anon(870071)'s Avatar
    "Reduce power usage by keeping less data on your device. Save data to a media card instead of your device storage space."

    Makes sense, if you don't use your sd card. I save everything to mine, but I access it all the time so it does nothing for me, in terms of saving battery life.
    I save all my music to it and I have my music app running pretty much constant. I have roms on it that retroarch uses. Every time I open the picture or video app the saved content on the SD card is being accessed, or by any app you share that content through. I can see how it could help if you barely used it, but just putting things on the SD card isn't going to automatically save battery just because it's there.


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    08-23-15 08:38 PM
  6. allbetsareoff29's Avatar
    I think of it this way:

    Internal memory is almost like RAM. It's integrated into the phone, essential/mandatory/required for phone to work, and optimized for fastest read/write access.

    SD card is like the SSD hard drive. There are faster ones and there are slower ones, but none of them as fast as RAM.

    I agree that there is no way in he'll that 1gb of data on SD card will save more battery than the same 1gb of data on internal memory. Faster access time = less battery used.

    The ONLY way that an SD card storage saves more battery vs internal storage is WHEN components used for internal storage were purposefully not the fastest ones available (to save costs or whatnot) AND processor could actually handle faster speeds.
    But that makes no sense for a cell phone. Why would you put a 20MB/s internal storage when 100MB/s was available, then put a processor that can handle 200MB/s, and allow SD card of 150MB/s. (hypothetical numbers).

    If you were to cheap out and only put 20MB/s internal storage, then you might as well cheap out and put in processor that can only handle 20MB/s as well.... at which case 100MB /s SD card won't help anyways.

    Furthermore, hardwiring any electrical component will always be faster than the same component being removable.

    Lastly, flash memory hasn't improved that much where best available internal memory at the time of phone manufacturing was significantly slower than the fastest SD card today

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    08-24-15 04:15 AM
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