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    When I backup MY BB, I log on in BB Link to my account and when I backup my WIFEs' BB, I log on to hers in BB Link. when I did the update to 1925 I went to RESTORE my Data and all I see is JANBERRY backups (wifeys) while RANBERRY (my backups) ain't NOWHERE to be seen. any thoughts or help? how the hell can I have overwritten backups when they r even named differently?
    I basically synced and got everything back including my BBM and contacts and the whole bunch; missing out on my EMAIL ACCOUNTS - I will kill myself b4 going thru the process of setting up all my email accounts again (can BB protect restore my email accounts or any other app in this case?)
    I did search for RANBERRY under windows search and got 2 old RANBERRY9800 files that's ALL (yes those were my files when I had a 9800
    tx for the help.

    01-07-14 01:47 PM
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    Welcome to the forums!

    C:\Users\<your user>\\Documents\BlackBerry\Backup << this is the folder where backups are located. Check there and see if your missing backups are around.

    Protect, for the time being, can only restore data from legacy devices to BB10 devices. It does not backup anything.

    If they are really gone, you can try something like PC Inspector - kostenlose Software fr die Datenrettung von CONVAR - Die Datenretter. to restore the deleted files.

    I personally don't use link and I always manually re-add my accounts when needed so... Good luck there!
    01-07-14 02:13 PM
  3. TheKicKer69's Avatar
    tx for the quick reply; this is exactly where I looked and when I backup mine it's C:\users\<your user>\\Documents\BlackBerry\Backup and I have 2 folders there 1 is JANBERRY BACKUP and 1 is RANBERRY BACKUP; mine vanished while my wifes' folder is still there. and like I said I log on my account under BB Link and under hers for backup - how mine got deleted while hers is still there MIND you when I logged on her BB Link - I just copied and pasted the EXACT path (from BB Link) (that kinda overlap BUT the BACKUP name is or should be different so where the hell is mine?)
    Device Backup Location
    My Documents\BlackBerry\JANBerry\Backup
    File Name
    RANBERRY (01-08-2014)

    gonna try to check the link u provided above to see if I can see or retrieve DELETED files but I'm pretty sure I did NOT do such a thing and like I said even if same backup folder 1 is RANBERRY and 1 is JANBERRY (backups)

    UPDATE: did a search with more than 1 recovery file software - nothing!!!! just like that ***** BB Link REPLACED my backups with my wife backups no other explanation (and I backed up hers to update then restored and AFTER that I updated mine and couldn't find the restore but again they r named differently!!!)
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    01-07-14 02:28 PM
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    And I just have ONE more reason not to use Link.

    It does not help you now, but Sachesi can make/restore backups.
    01-07-14 05:33 PM
  5. TheKicKer69's Avatar
    I did D/L Sachesi today but UI looked primitive thought wasn't the effort I mean u go to Backup and u have "Searching for USB Device" and a password and that's it ^^
    01-07-14 06:46 PM
  6. diegonei's Avatar
    You know you're not supposed to judge books by the cover...

    Posted via CB10
    01-08-14 07:51 AM
  7. TheKicKer69's Avatar
    Dammit! I Downloaded Sachesi app; me and my dumbarse ^^
    should've downloaded his book ^___^
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    01-08-14 08:10 AM

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