05-02-15 08:12 PM
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    I'd like to resurrect the thread. Installed 10.3.1. 2744 non destructively and the balance is still off. It seems as if balance is right-centered still for sure. This is via stock media player or Neutron. Even set Neutron to reverse stereo balance as a test and there was no change. Using good sennhauser buds. The left channel exists, and plays left channel stereo effects properly, but the center channel is definitely right - biased. I want to open a bug report on it. What was that email address again? Thanks.

    I know before the left-right balance was not only proper but the overall immersive experience of the entire stereo blend was excellent. Not anymore.

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    05-02-15 07:51 PM
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    I also used BBVE and ran a headphone test. The left channel was much quieter. Very obvious.

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    05-02-15 07:56 PM
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    The quality on the other hand, is loud and I've turned off the "loudness" setting which I usually have on. But I feel as if the audio has gotten to be a bit lacking and lifeless. Flat. Like the BlackBerry natural sound technology that they made such a big deal out of a while back is missing.

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    Agreed. Very "flat"

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    05-02-15 07:59 PM
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    Please, launch BBVE And run the headphone test and see if left channel is quieter? And you can barely tell when both channels play together? I appreciate any response.

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    05-02-15 08:03 PM
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    Audio fidelity-img_20150502_201200.png

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    05-02-15 08:12 PM
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