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    I have encountered an issue where my media audio that normally plays from speaker will start playing as handset audio. So texts, apps, etc become inaudible until I reboot.

    The side audio controls start controlling "handset volume" instead of media volume when this is going on.

    I finally noticed the pattern that (for me) triggers the bug.

    I get voice mails from my home and office phones emailed to me as attachments. If I play an mp3 attachment from an email, the playback comes out the handset audio, and from that point forward the bug is triggered.

    I haven't yet found a way to fix it without a reboot. Has anyone else seen the bug, and can confirm that it happens to them also? I've seen this on all three 10.2.1 builds I've tried, 1055,1259, and 1925.

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    01-13-14 05:04 PM
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    So after figuring out what was triggering the bug for me, I found the following workaround. If I play the mp3 attachment, and from that screen, tap the 3 dot thing in the lower right and on the menu, tap audio and change the playback device to speaker. After that my volume buttons, apps, etc all use the media volume /speaker again.

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    01-13-14 05:29 PM
  3. The_Original_Modifier's Avatar
    the 3 dot thing in the lower right and on the menuPosted via CB10
    A.K.A the "Overflow menu"
    01-13-14 05:42 PM
  4. TI_Master's Avatar
    I have reached an age where things like Overflow menu escape me when I'm trying to remember what it's called

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    01-13-14 06:52 PM
  5. dcwbearsaint's Avatar
    Well I have been experiencing this issue since the release. Thanks for the insight as I have not taken the time to figure it out other than reboot and say a few four letter words. I stopped using hub++ because I thought it was causing it....so i converted my alerts to level 1 notification in the priority hub.
    01-13-14 06:59 PM

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