02-24-15 09:54 AM
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    So Evolution Browser doesn't have Flash? Grrr I was going to use it as my alternate browser due to it's ability to mimic other browsers (user agents)

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    It just is based off the core OS, so on 10.3.1 it doesn't have Flash, nope!

    I have just purchased EvolutionBrowser. Unfortunately flash doesn't work. Waste of money!!!

    How to downgrade to 10.3.0??

    (BlackBerry Q10)
    I'd suggest this method:

    The easiest way to downgrade is to use an autoloader for the version you wish to revert to. Treating it as one would an autoloader upgrade (i.e. security wiping, not betting the farm on the backup, etc.) is the cleanest and safest method.

    To get an old autoloader, one can search the forums (if it was leaked, which only means that it's exactly the same files as the carriers have, but released earlier), create an autoloader with Sachesi (break open the two debrick bar files for your target version and make an autoloader), or simply ask. Some people, myself included, hoard autoloaders.

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    02-24-15 09:31 AM
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    I have Photon, but it doesn't work well on my Z10, so far sticking to on my Z30 because of one site. Photon works better on my Passport, but not as good as the native flash in 10.3.0. This could be an opportunity for Alpha or Evolution browsers to add a flash service.

    I love the html5 players and they are better than flash (more reliable and faster), especially with the "Play on" (and multicast) functionality, but the site I want to see has not responded to my questions regarding changing to html5 from flash. I may just have to stop paying for the streaming events he hosts. Maybe losing money will trigger a change! Flash is dead people and businesses that stick to it for their websites will lose out because the mobile world does not use Flash anymore!

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    02-24-15 09:43 AM
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    Photon doesn't work very well on my Z30 (, but works slightly better on my Passport with the same OS. Once I get to 10.3.1 I'll see if the Android runtime is better on my PP. Maybe with a better version of the Android runtime on my Z30 Photon might work better, but at the moment it sucks and won't play full screen video and cannot be used to replace the native Flash.

    Rockin a Passport and Z30! Two devices are better than 1!
    02-24-15 09:54 AM
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