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  1. jvinp's Avatar
    I sideloaded .296 without issue onto my Z10. I then sideloaded some bars from 441, including sys.android and sys.android.shell. I then restored my 10.2 backup.

    Presently, no Android apps work. They load for a little bit, then just stop.

    I downloaded the Lastpass app from Blackberry World since it's an Android port, and it failed, too. I've tried a hard reset and no luck there, either.

    Any ideas? I don't want to have to reload the whole OS... can I copy an old android runtime over and will that fix it? If so, can someone link me?

    Last edited by jvinp; 08-03-14 at 03:14 PM. Reason: additional details
    08-03-14 03:13 PM
  2. ChrisAmbrose's Avatar
    I think it's a known issue after reloading back up

    Z10 - w/ .296
    08-03-14 03:19 PM
  3. jvinp's Avatar
    It seems to be that, reading through various posts, especially when restoring apps. I tried reloading the android runtime but no love.
    08-03-14 03:20 PM
  4. The Big Picture's Avatar
    Do a hard reset (by pressing the up and down volume buttons simultaneously for a few seconds) then VOILA!

    Oh wait you tried that already.

    Try loading both android runtime files again using the chrome method and then hard reset the phone.

    Try also the .700 android runtime

    Differentiate or Die
    08-03-14 03:49 PM
  5. Gearheadaddy's Avatar
    I suggest you reload and do NOT reload a backup from 10.2...

    Crackberry Genius on Verizon STL100-4
    08-03-14 03:59 PM
  6. jvinp's Avatar
    I've reloaded .296 / .442 and not done the backup and everything's fine. Thanks.
    08-03-14 08:34 PM

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