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    Something unexpected. Normally, the only Android apps I use are for my banking - Citi/Chase/PayPal etc.......one of the first android apps I installed was the American Express app.....this back in the day when thr Jellybean runtime wasn't baked in, and you had to side load it first....days of BB10.2.xxxx. At that time, the predominant apps were the Amazon Appstore & Snap, the latter also required to be sideloaded.

    As I'm sure everyone's experienced, occasionally banking apps would require updating, probably for frequent changing of security protocols. Two days ago, however, the Amex app, available on Snap, but not the appstore curiously, did the same thing......which has happened a number of times - "this version is outdated, upgrade to the newest version". So off I go to snap, download and install via snap (why the appstore doesn't have Amex app is beyond me, and don't even get me started on BB World not having a native American Express app). Then when I run it - this newly installed Amex app - I get a message "we are sorry, this app is no longer supported. please visit the Android Play Store to download the latest version"

    Now I know I'm kinda outdated with Android App source sites, having only used the appstore & snap - are there other sites out there that are bettter?. I mean, I'd LOVE to get the Way2Ride app on my Classic, but it needs Google Play Services running, and despite all of cobalt's efforts, it still appears to be DOA.

    Can someone please help? How do I install Android Play Store? Are there more effective android app sources out there that I'm not aware pf b/c of how long I've been MIA?

    And lastly, is the anyway we can get google play services working so all the real useful apps like way2ride & arro, which GPS's the nearest yellow cab to you, can work?

    Any help, please?
    03-12-16 11:43 PM
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    03-12-16 11:53 PM
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    These referenced instructions enabled me to install the GPS so I was able to install and use the latest Starbucks app.

    For each app you want to install make sure to patch the APK and install the patched version. Then Whitelist the Unpatched APK.

    T-Mobile  вιaсĸвεггч Passport Autoloaded Sachesi to to to 798 to 2204 to 2339 to 2639 to 2789 to 2813 to 2878-2814 Hybrid
    03-13-16 06:31 AM
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    Probably not what you want to hear but I have recently) deleted a lot of Android Bank and News apps in favor of using the browser to access the sites

    Passport running on 10.3.2. 2876
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    03-13-16 09:30 AM

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