07-18-13 10:10 AM
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    Following a brief dalliance with (and my resulting disappointment with/lack of interest in the current WiFi calling implementation), I have returned to my blend of It is essentially the 228 core OS and the 341 radio, but I've managed to identify 26 newer-versioned BAR files from and which I grafted over this installation. So far all is running well. There are just too many things I prefer about 10.2 (newer hourglass, priority inbox, permission popups for Android apps, etc).
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    07-08-13 09:00 PM
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    07-12-13 06:46 AM
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    Problems I have found with this Build:

    1.) Contacts are very slow during a search
    2.) Sometimes I can not scroll down the contact list
    3.) Battery drain is the most significant of all builds I have used to date
    4.) Bluetooth will not bridge to my Playbook anymore
    5.) Right after installation, I could not get the restore working
    6.) Z10 rebooted on it's on multiple times

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    07-18-13 10:10 AM
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