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    Hello All - first time poster here so forgive me if I'm in the wrong spot! I'm on the latest official AT&T My Q10 won't allow me to make calls when password locked with a wired headset. This was an available option on the legacy devices by checking "Allow calls when locked" in your security settings. I'm hoping they can bring this feature back because I'm tired of having to dig the phone out of my pocket (especially in winter) when I could just pause music, initiate voice control and place calls at will. If BlackBerry's concerned about compromised security, why not have the voice control lady prompt you for the 4-digit passcode? Would be sweet, no?
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    02-11-15 01:06 PM
  2. thanhvx's Avatar
    Same here. A lot of great features are missing in Blackberry 10.

    What else can we do?
    02-11-15 04:53 PM
  3. sulcopete's Avatar
    Same here. A lot of great features are missing in Blackberry 10.

    What else can we do?
    Ask for the features to be included in the next update? Is there a more appropriate place to post the request? Maybe there exists a central location for people to request their favorite lost features of OS 7? If not, it should be made a sticky so hopefully someone notices.
    02-11-15 07:33 PM

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