1. Kemir's Avatar
    I have 15 hours now triying to make youtube app to work on my z10 and already have made some progress.. ived tried almost every gs apk and well found a stable one im attaching some pics

    You cant see nothing yet but at least I have stopped the app from shuting down

    24hour google services workaround-img_20141015_010817.png

    You can see that the search its actually working

    24hour google services workaround-img_20141015_011318.png

    I still cant see videos hope ill get it to qork soon

    Posted via CB10
    10-15-14 12:45 AM
  2. Kemir's Avatar
    Now Im starting to see wohooooo but I can only see one stream if I pause or stop and select a new video im stuck

    24hour google services workaround-img_20141015_013309.png
    24hour google services workaround-img_20141015_013324.png
    24hour google services workaround-img_20141015_014055.png

    Posted via CB10
    10-15-14 01:11 AM
  3. mrjmc99's Avatar
    Just use lucky patcher and install patched play services. Can't login but play back works.


    10-15-14 01:19 AM

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