1. kfehling's Avatar
    Two issues that I have noticed now that I have had 2141 running on my Z10 (AT&T) for over a week now: First, Blackberry Travel crashes consistently after I try to modify something in my itinerary. Reboots do not stop this. Second, I cannot get the DNLA working. My Z10 does not see any of the other connected devices. Prior to 2141, I was able to display photos and videos on my Samsung Smart TV but now, the Z10 sees no other devices. Has anyone else experienced these issues and if so, have they found any fixes?


    02-24-14 07:26 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Hi! I have BBTravel running on my Z10 from VZW. I also loaded 2141 and I have no problems making changes to my itinerary. Maybe uninstall and reinstall travel to see?
    02-25-14 05:39 AM

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