05-15-14 05:11 PM
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  1. vladi's Avatar
    Here are some of the app icons off the latest leak, interestingly enough many icons are labeled with W or Windermere and reflect high resolution.

    Icon design and color choice is a discussion for itself.

    10.3 Iconography for Windermere-app_icon_156x156.png 10.3 Iconography for Windermere-app_icon_browser.png 10.3 Iconography for Windermere-app_icon_calculator_w.png 10.3 Iconography for Windermere-app_icon_camera.png 10.3 Iconography for Windermere-app_icon_clock_w.png 10.3 Iconography for Windermere-app_icon_compass_w.png 10.3 Iconography for Windermere-app_icon_help.png 10.3 Iconography for Windermere-bar_icon_windermere.png 10.3 Iconography for Windermere-contacts_large.png 10.3 Iconography for Windermere-icon-2-.png 10.3 Iconography for Windermere-icon-4-.png 10.3 Iconography for Windermere-icon_12.png
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    05-12-14 07:41 PM
  2. vladi's Avatar
    10.3 Iconography for Windermere-icon_156x156-2-.png 10.3 Iconography for Windermere-icon_156x156.png 10.3 Iconography for Windermere-icon_large.png 10.3 Iconography for Windermere-icon_w-2-.png 10.3 Iconography for Windermere-icon_w.png 10.3 Iconography for Windermere-icon-156x156.png 10.3 Iconography for Windermere-icon-1440x1440.png 10.3 Iconography for Windermere-storeicon.png
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    05-12-14 07:45 PM
  3. isylvia720's Avatar
    I am fine with the newly designed icons but it'd be better if the size could be larger, the recent ones are way too android like.

    Posted by the unbeatable Z10-
    05-12-14 08:09 PM
  4. QWKSNKE's Avatar
    Those icons are hideous

    STL-4. w/ 1259 clock
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    05-12-14 10:55 PM
  5. Chuck Foltz's Avatar
    Those are the current 10.3 icons lol.

    Posted via CB10
    05-12-14 11:03 PM
  6. ldudiaz's Avatar
    Those are the current 10.3 icons lol.

    Posted via CB10
    No they're not, bbm, text and hub are different

    Posted via CB10
    05-12-14 11:08 PM
  7. Chuck Foltz's Avatar
    Remember we don't see all things installed. In order to make themes they would need the icons to be outside of the bar files. these are most likely what the newer versions link to for icon theme.

    Posted via CB10
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    05-12-14 11:15 PM
  8. BlueStreak67's Avatar
    Blackberry should consider buying Crayola to get some deals on the tools used by the designers of these icons.
    05-12-14 11:16 PM
  9. thanasi's Avatar
    Those icons are beautifully minimalist and modern. They could use a tiny bit of work, but they look great!
    05-13-14 04:19 AM
  10. p_r_a_g_m_a's Avatar
    Why not making them all square or rounded. They look not consistent and cheap.
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    05-13-14 05:44 AM
  11. ofutur's Avatar
    This should be renamed to "10.3 icons". It has nothing to do with Windermere. They're in a different folder because of the DPI of the new devices.
    05-13-14 07:05 AM
  12. arvind1983's Avatar
    The icons look decent, but I wish they change the phone icon. Nothing special about it.
    05-13-14 07:27 AM
  13. RECOOL's Avatar
    Just shocking.They think by copying apple they will get sales nothing learnt from thor time eh.
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    05-13-14 07:57 AM
  14. BroncoVAL's Avatar
    i don't understand why manufacturers and designers must go all-in in the predominant direction.
    Windows Mobile and then iOS went for flat design, and it seems ridiculously childish imho when you look at an iphone's screen.
    Not to mention that this flat design goes with a minimalist approach of the informations on the icons.
    I usually find the new flat designed icons less intuitive, boring and let's say it...quite stupid.
    Current icons without the grey edge are good looking, why should we ape any Apple move?
    Blackberry be original please, there must be at least another alternative to the flat design diktat.
    05-13-14 08:09 AM
  15. joeldf's Avatar
    Wow. Those are horrible.

    Though, I wouldn't say they are following Apple, as much as they are following some perceived "trend". It may have started with Windows 8, but at least Win 8 has the whole OS designed around the look and actually works.

    Apple simply shoe-horned a new iconography and 80s pastel color palette right out of Miami Vice into iOS 7.

    BlackBerry seems to be going that route but using a more 70s earth and jewel toned color palette that reminds me of some bad kitchen appliance colors from when I was a kid. But, beyond that, some of those graphics look just plain... bad.

    But, like everyone else, that's just my opinion.

    I'd rather go back to the lined Precision icon set of BBOS 4.6, 5 and 6.

    Posted via CB10
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    05-13-14 08:54 AM
  16. blueyestm's Avatar
    I like them and even more when they don't come with that stupid black box around them.
    05-13-14 09:18 AM
  17. Dr.Deebs's Avatar
    I think those look really great.

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    05-13-14 09:32 AM
  18. Signhere's Avatar
    What a train wreck! Arrrgg

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    05-13-14 09:38 AM
  19. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    I don't mind them at all. But I would have liked more consistency in the shapes of the icons. All look mismatched
    05-13-14 09:42 AM
  20. dustmalik's Avatar
    Just shocking.They think by copying apple they will get sales nothing learnt from thor time eh.
    When will you give this a rest? Aren't you tired of complaining already?

    Posted via CB10 using my Gorgeous Z30
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    05-13-14 09:47 AM
  21. thanasi's Avatar
    I keep coming back to look at the icons. I really reeeaaally like them. They're the best flat design of any OS I've seen.

    Posted via CB10
    05-13-14 02:51 PM
  22. wincyUt's Avatar
    These icons are different and refreshing. Change is good!!!

    Posted via CB10
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    05-13-14 03:55 PM
  23. tonytraj17's Avatar
    They still need a little more work but they are not that bad. Like many have been saying it does need more consistency all around.
    05-13-14 04:03 PM
  24. Thesmartmale's Avatar
    Those icons are AWESOME! That BBM icon is amazing!

    Posted via CB10
    05-13-14 04:54 PM
  25. Cappyshirt's Avatar
    Can't wait for these Icon in HD, their a step up from now.
    05-13-14 09:10 PM
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