Anyone else who has played around with 10.3 will likely have noticed new layouts in nearly every app, BlackBerry or Vendor.

    I tested to show you using "MyBucketList" - MyBucketList - BlackBerry World

    First is the 10.2.1 version, the others are the same app, running on 10.3.

    10.3 App Layout Overriding-img_20140513_151335.png
    10.3 App Layout Overriding-img_20140513_150929.png
    Attachment 270291
    Attachment 270294

    Not complaining, just wanted to show people who haven't seen, that apps are pretty much updating themselves. Nothing in the store has been incompatible for download so far. I'm actually loving the new changes so far.

    My BlackBerry Z30 Battery has increased, it's much faster, android apps are running even better, and the icons are looking great so far!

    Also, the option tab / multi-select comes straight out, and has no readjustment - Like BBOS7. I think this is the small things changing to welcome in the BlackBerry Classic and the track pad. If you're on 10.3, try holding your finger on the posters name title to the right, and the menu will come directly out, without "re-adjustability"
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    05-13-14 02:20 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Looks good. As soon as 10.3 leaves the .0 stage, I'm in!
    05-13-14 03:10 PM

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