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    Is it just on my phone or is it a bug in the latest .348 Android runtime?

    It does not uninstall any Android apps. If you attempt to uninstall an Android app the standard BB10 way, its icon gets removed from the BB10 homescreen and the app stops being visible in any other BB10 screen (e.g. it is no longer listed in App Permission settings, etc.). But when you check it from the Android side (e.g. using some Android tool that lists installed apps, it turns out that it is still there, intact, and it can even NORMALLY WORK -- some services can even autostart and work invisibly). When you try to uninstall such Android app using Android's own uninstaller, it crashes the whole Android Runtime (it has to restart then) and the app still remains intact.

    I downgraded to the previous .231 Android Runtime version and I was able to remove any Android apps without any problems, both from the BB10 side and using Android's own uninstaller. Then I went back to .348 runtime and the same problems reappeared.

    It is potentially a serious security threat, as by only removing the icon and app permission settings on the BB10 side while actually keeping the whole app intact it makes the user believe that an app was removed, while it is still there and can normally work. Looks like heaven for some malicious Android apps.

    Can anyone confirm having the same problem with .348 Android runtime?
    01-15-16 02:50 AM
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    This has been confirmed countless times for weeks, see the findings and fixes thread for this OS

    Posted via CB10
    01-15-16 03:02 AM
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    This has been discussed for a week or so. This issue is well known as is the solution. A simple search would have brought up many posts and at least this in depth analysis: http://forums.crackberry.com/showthread.php?p=12206982
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    01-15-16 03:08 AM

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