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    Exactly why I said most, and not all. And that's not even the main point of the problem here.
    I am actively participating (trying) in the Beta Zone, trying to organise threads for it and so I feel like I have a pretty clear idea of which users here are actively participating.

    Besides, in my experience here on CrackBerry, and from the style in which some of the participants have been posting, only a handful actually seems to know the ropes. And then they still actively chose to break NDA. The majority shows they don't know or give a damn about what they agreed to in the first place, or what happens to the Beta Program as a whole as long as they are "on the latest leak".

    Btw, for extra clarity: I consider the most "reliable" Beta participants here, those who are not disclosing whether or not they are in the Beta at all.

    So I feel "most" of them/you just want an easy way to get OTA betas, instead of loading leaks. Same deal with BBM in the Beta Zone. Hundred of people begging for Beta Access, only a handful actively involved in discussing bugs/features.

    So I don't know ,but it is a pretty educated guess.

    P.S.: here is my Beta Zone effort thread: http://forums.crackberry.com/showthread.php?t=1014723
    Just to give you a quick example of how 'active' attempts at organising the Beta Zone through CrackBerry are/how many interested users there are.

    BlackBerry Passport signed @ Nintendo Social BBM Channel @ C001221B2
    I think you have a skewed view on reality my friend. You form your opinion based on vocal minority here in this thread without knowing if there is a silent majority.

    For example, if there are a total of 20 beta testers in the world and you see 10 of them sharing stuff here on crackberry, Yea that's a big deal. But if you see the same 10 sharing here on crackberry and there is 50 thousand beta testers, that's actually pretty impressive that only 10 defected and posted confidential nda info.

    So for you to say that majority show they don't care is both ignorant and inaccurate.
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