1. akavbb's Avatar
    (When) Are they really planning to release an OS with S/mime capability?

    Does anyone know?
    This feature was present on legacy phones I think (at least for pin to pin messaging) and I believe it is very important for those who do not have BES.

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    03-10-14 11:17 AM
  2. MeerMusik's Avatar
    S/Mime PGP/GPG Functionality is only for User with BES. Although the Certificate Import Function is already there since OS Version 10.0

    They use the S/Mime Functionality as a Selling Point for BES. I have send Michael Clewley and John Chen a dozen Questions over Twitter and on Michael Clewley's BBM Channel as well on the BlackBerry Channel. No Answer til today.

    But as it currently stands: No Plan to give us that Option within the next 18-24 Months: They concentrate on the Enterprise User for now.

    I am waiting for this Option for over a Year now. Have every Day encrypted eMails that I only can read when I am back home on my PC. As a Admin, it makes the Z10 unusable to me. And that on a so called "Modern Secure Communication Device" is a very dumb and zynical Joke. #NotFunnyBlackBerry

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    03-10-14 11:32 AM
  3. tickerguy's Avatar

    This is one of the serious, serious problems that BlackBerry has for the independent mobile professional.

    Personal certificates did not load correctly from local storage until 10.2.0, but they do now. The company has simply shut it off unless you're connected to BES, which is crap.


    Here's the bad news -- IOS supports it out of the box. Android does not, however, which may be why they don't feel a "need" to turn it on -- but this has seriously screwed with the phone's marketability in the small business marketplace and it keeps me from recommending BB10 devices into that very large market segment.

    There are literally several dozen small businesses that I have had to recommend against the BB10 devices despite liking them a lot myself, and this is the reason why. They neither have the desire to run BES10 nor should they have to pay for it in a small (single person to half-dozen employee) shop.
    03-10-14 12:33 PM
  4. akavbb's Avatar
    First of all thank you both for your replies.

    IMHO BlackBerry needs to address this problem soon.
    I will be waiting and see what they will do.

    Is there anyway to ask them formally and get a proper answer at least concerning what they are planning?

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    03-10-14 02:37 PM
  5. waitfor1t's Avatar
    This is one of those odd issues that is technically trivial to do, and would result in a huge benefit for everyday j6p blackberry user, and yet... it never gets done, month after month, with much less valuable features that take more work jumping ahead. It boggles the mind how the feature backlog is groomed. Would bes sales really take a hit? Is that ALL bes is good for? Makes you wonder if the price is justified!

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    03-12-14 11:44 AM
  6. tickerguy's Avatar
    Yeah, I send and receive a significant amount of S/MIME email -- most of it simply SIGNED, but a few of them are in fact encrypted, and when I get one of those I can't read it on my phone.

    That's just plain f*ing stupid.
    03-12-14 03:55 PM
  7. akavbb's Avatar
    What are the alternatives?
    The apps I have found up to today are incapable of using already published certificates.
    They create their own.
    Anybody has in mind any other solutions?

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    03-12-14 11:10 PM

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