1. mike260193's Avatar
    Hey everyone

    I've had an issue with the os

    10.2 issue on z10 stl100-1-img_00000689.png

    When I close an app after reboot these is what happens the bottom icons dissappear and they only show up in the active frame zone but it's impossible to open them

    Anyone else??

    Posted via CB10
    08-03-13 02:13 AM
  2. mike260193's Avatar
    Sorry guys I've found the solution

    And actually it's a bug, long time ago I found a way (I think was here in the forums ) to have 2 pictures on wallpaper one for the lock scream and other for the menu it was possible with the parental control and I had it activated, I turned it off and whalaaa, it works again like a charm!!

    Posted via CB10
    08-03-13 02:19 AM

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