12-08-13 03:23 AM
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    It is fascinating to watch people speculate regarding something they know so little about. I'll address a few points.

    There is no problem with OS sources. Nice try at guessing though.

    There was no plan to make money from leaks. While I disagree on whether it is "stolen property" I do agree it is unauthorized access (which is tolerated by the owner. Some people call this a waiver).

    There is no elitist attitude within the group. That left long ago, but somehow keeps turning up to complain about...supposed elitist attitudes. (I know, confusing right?)

    The issue of how leaks were to be released was a very extensive discussion among the group. We considered the attitudes and desires of the forum. We also considered our own pain thresholds (see earlier comments regarding instant leaks, posted by the sources). We knew some wouldn't agree. But we were confident that many more would. Sorry if you're in the wrong camp, but that was the decision.

    Personally I was very disturbed by the conduct of several individuals who had a stated goal of dismantling the team. Tinkering with leaked BlackBerry OSes is already kind of a niche interest. I will never understand how or why some people had the time and desire to engage in that pursuit. This stuff *really* isn't that important.

    As for the issues of community, I believe my own efforts in that regard speak for themselves. Everyone is entitled to disagree, of course.

    Carry on.

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    12-08-13 03:23 AM
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