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    So i installed the 10.2 software from the leaks team, and so far so good, but a major disappointment in the notification area. So i received a new email notification (envelope with 1 below it) and when i open the hub, it doesnt show the red spark over any email account. So i have to open each account to see where its at.
    Its an account that i have set to off and not display in the hub.
    Any ideas?

    My OS screenshot. notifications-img_00001092.png

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    08-27-13 06:57 AM
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    I have heard it said before that the OS takes time to settle in. So, this could be the easiest fix for the problem. However, I have also heard that a restart / battery pull can solve this!

    I guess it also depends on the steps you took to have the OS installed on your Z10 (I'm assuming).

    I am clued out in a nutshell!
    08-27-13 08:46 AM
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    Try resetting by holding both volume keys until you see the BlackBerry logo. Don't battery pull! You might also try adding the account to the hub and taking it out again or deleting and readding the account.

    08-27-13 08:52 AM
  4. ikalinin's Avatar
    im pretty confident that its not the leaked OS. i had this problem on 10.0 and 10.1 official Verizon installed apps.
    i tried the reset via vol keys.. will see what happens.

    08-27-13 10:18 AM
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    still have issue! notifications-img_00001095.jpg notifications-img_00001096.jpg

    another notifications-img_00001097.jpg10.2.0.1371 notifications-img_00001098.jpg
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    08-27-13 10:25 AM
  6. Ecm's Avatar
    This is pretty basic, but sometimes a default setting gets changed somehow with a new leak/setup.
    Have you checked Hub > Settings > Display and Actions > "Display New Message Indicator" is toggled to "ON"?
    08-27-13 11:58 AM
  7. grumpyaeroguy's Avatar
    if it's not as simple as the notification setting in the previous post, I had a wonky hub with 2 Priority Hub entries.

    Security wipe --> Reload Leak --> Security wipe

    Set up the phone from scratch. I have restored from a BU with no ill effects, but some here report that a restore may cause some strangeness as well.
    08-27-13 12:03 PM
  8. ikalinin's Avatar
    found the "BUG"
    so, the spark will ONLY appear when both "Display New Message Indicator" AND "Display Message Count" are ON!
    after that worked, i tried toggling the "Message Count" to OFF.. and NO MORE SPARK. Back to ON, and I get the SPARK.

    i guess i can live w/ the message count!
    thanks guys!
    08-27-13 01:27 PM
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    So if we help him, do we get to meet the blond? Sorry, don't actually have an answer. But couldn't resist...
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    08-27-13 06:46 PM
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    So if we help him, do we get to meet the blond? Sorry, don't actually have an answer. But couldn't resist...
    Too bad I figured it out on my own
    The blonde is my wonderful wife of 9 yrs, who also gave birth to our beautiful 2 girls!

    Thanks to all you guys, anyway

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    08-27-13 07:21 PM

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