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    Using on my Z10 with an IMAP email account. I have noticed that for the last few days when I delete an email it deletes from the phone and if I check the same email account on my laptop (also using IMAP) it does disappear from the INBOX; however emails deleted from the phone had been getting moved to the Trash folder but now it appears as though they are just completely gone. In the past I remember after a weekend using the phone and deleting a bunch of emails (mostly junk) directly from the phone I would have a significant number of unread messages in my Trash folder, but that is not happening anymore? This behavior seems to have recently started, but I don't think it correlated to my install of which was some time ago, it seemed to have started just a few days ago. I have rebooted but behavior is still the same. Is anyone else experiencing the same behavior or is it just me? Is there a setting I have screwed up somewhere? Is there a fix, I would prefer that messages get 'filed' to the trash rather than permanently delted. Thoughts and comments welcome.

    08-16-13 08:34 AM
  2. tickerguy's Avatar
    I don't have anything recent (last few months) in my phone IMAP trash folder; just looked....
    08-16-13 09:05 AM
  3. ghz's Avatar
    11-05-13 11:32 AM
  4. Gearheadaddy's Avatar
    Workaround for what? Deleted messages should be deleted...no?

    Trusted Member Genius
    11-10-13 01:27 AM
  5. ghz's Avatar
    According to the tradition of the IMAP protocol, deleting a message doesn't actually delete the message. The general practice is the following:
    1. using the IMAP MOVE command to move a message to a dedicated (Trash, Deleted Items, etc.) folder for future processing
    2. keeping the message in the INBOX and Flagging it as \Deleted using the STORE / Flags commands

    Flagged messages should be removed from INBOX only in case an EXPUNGE command comes from the client.

    BB's current logic: mark the message for deletion, then expunge immediately. I believe this is not the right way of doing it.
    1. It is not a general practice if you compare it to another IMAP clients
    2. It exposes the IMAP server to excessive work - asking the INBOX to be expunged, reindexed, re-flagged every time we hit del.

    Btw, do you know what is the best channel for communicating feature or change requests?
    11-11-13 04:26 AM
  6. Mateusz Brodnicki's Avatar
    You know that actually it is still not fixed? O_o

    What is wrong with BB? BB used to be designed for e-mail. This is just sad.
    09-29-14 12:16 PM
  7. etnt7's Avatar
    You know that actually it is still not fixed? O_o

    What is wrong with BB? BB used to be designed for e-mail. This is just sad.
    I'm using IMAP, no problems for me.
    Everything just works fine.


    Posted via CB10
    09-29-14 06:02 PM
  8. Mateusz Brodnicki's Avatar
    Maybe its fixed on 10.3?

    I am on 10.2 and still - if I delete a msgs on my phone (both from phone and server) they are deleted completely. They should be in the trash folder, which, by the way, is mapped and identified correctly.

    Sad panda.
    09-30-14 03:08 AM
  9. tickerguy's Avatar
    It is not changed in 10.3, nor is there an option for it.

    I would prefer they go to the trash folder, yes. But it is not "broken" to delete them; that's one of the options IMAP specifically permits.
    09-30-14 07:47 AM
  10. Mateusz Brodnicki's Avatar
    It is broken, as even BlackBerry acknowledged it in the KB article mentioned above.

    It is broken if every other imap e-mail client in the world allows you to at least choose how the client will work in that matter. Here you get a very not-so-standard "feature".

    So unfortunately in my opinion it is broken. What is even worse is that it has been broken for more than a year now.
    09-30-14 08:13 AM
  11. ghz's Avatar
    I do agree. This mail client can be considered broken as it is not fully a standards compliant IMAP implementation. It might follow the rfc as it is not forbidden to issue a STORE command to flag a message \Deleted immediately followed by an EXPUNGE. However, this is not a common practice and is not the expected behaviour. (E.g. I am not aware of any other IMAP client doing the same...)

    Again, it is not a bug. This is simply a design flaw.
    09-30-14 11:09 AM
  12. tickerguy's Avatar
    It's actually not "immediately"; it's on the next interval. I know, I know, semantics, but it's true and if you watch the same mailbox from a different client (or snoop the protocol) you can see it in action.
    09-30-14 11:29 AM
  13. marcelnijman's Avatar
    In my opinion, it is broken, because it also shows the messages which have the "deleted" flag set. So, if I delete messages from the email client on my MacBook, then pick up my Z10, the emails are still shown in the inbox, which is wrong. This is the *single* reason for me not using my Z10, which is a pity, because everything else which I need from BB10 is working fine for me. But what good is a phone if you cannot efficiently handle your email?
    10-27-14 09:28 AM
  14. VeryBumpy's Avatar
    Wow, I not once would of fathomed this would be a design flaw on a Blackberry.

    Seriously, Blackberry lacking an email functionality like this?! And still over a year and half later?!!!

    I may not of bought this Classic had I known this.
    01-02-15 03:10 PM
  15. johnnyhead's Avatar
    Hi everyone!

    Since this one still is the most relevant thread on the topic, I am recycling it.

    I believe the issue in KB33560 was not addressed in any way by BlackBerry. Has anyone got any news about it? Would be great if bb actually did something about it, or if they think this is OK, just stopped calling it a "reported issue" and pretending to be upset.

    Is blend behaving in the same way or does it have more options?

    01-28-15 01:27 PM
  16. VeryBumpy's Avatar
    I have this issue.

    Instead of deleting, my work around on the phone is to Move email into the phone Trash folder. Then when I go to a PC desktop, my emails are inside the Trash folder and will get automatically deleted after the normal 30 days.
    01-28-15 01:50 PM
  17. johnnyhead's Avatar
    Yes, but this is only a workaround and not a clean and elegant solution
    01-29-15 04:28 AM

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