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    Has anyone noticed if, in some instances or fields, Android apps don't input any ALT+key character? (Q10 10.2) I don't know if this is the way it behaves or if this is in certain fields only but if I want to input an email address in a Android app I have to paste it in after composing the entry elsewhere. Anyone else have this problem?
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    12-23-13 11:16 AM
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    happening to my Q10 after updating the latest OS from ROGERS on my ATT through sachesi's app.

    keyboard seems f'd up in all BB apps. the ALT key when pressed, will only ALT the first key press. even when i try to press ALT to stay, it doesnt respond. ugh
    12-23-13 06:22 PM
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    That is interesting. For me the problem is only contained to all Android apps.

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