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    I've tried a couple of apps in the app world but not impressed. In fact just requested a refund on one - got the refund in a couple hours from the app store - very good service.

    Is there any on device maps (no data required) I can side load from android that works on the Z10?


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    03-17-13 04:41 PM
  2. pabstdk's Avatar

    Would you tell which you've tried?

    I use sideload version of OsMand, and it's okay.

    Know they've made a ported version which is in the BlackBerry app world, but that's an older version.

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    03-17-13 05:22 PM
  3. Rob1's Avatar

    Navigator ($6.99) -refunded

    Mireo - 7 day evaluation. Very buggy and if tilted to landscape mode screen goes haywire causing you to quit and reload until the next tilt.

    Still have my iphone 5 and the $20 gps app I bought for it blows these all away. I need it for tomorrow as I'm heading down to Indiana and only wanted to bring one device.

    No data roaming ($$$) in the USA is the issue as I'm driving from Toronto.


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    03-17-13 07:45 PM

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