1. AVPTI's Avatar
    What's up CrackBerry,

    Myself, along with a partner, are looking to develop what we think will be a useful app for BB10. The main problem? I only know a small amount coding, and while Cascades is pretty simple, there is still some stuff that is too advanced for myself.

    So, we were wondering if any devs here are interested in teaming up to create the next big thing.

    If you are, send me a PM.

    10-18-12 05:51 PM
  2. KermEd's Avatar
    Mmm - now I sincerely mean no offense with what I am about to say...

    ... But most of us get many app ideas sent our way daily. Last count I had (and I'm not even kidding you) 167 app suggestions worth me tracking in a spreadsheet to prioritize. Ideas are many and everywhere, and chances are an experienced developer with UI experience will have a better idea witb faster turnaround and easier build implementation.

    With that said, I am trying desperately to get about 12 quality apps complete by december, and that doesnt include the open source samples I promised Tim from RIM I would punch out.

    But if you are serious about learning and need a hand up - there are a bunch of development groups gathered together on here. Im quite proud to be part of OSBBX where many of our members developed the awesome EMUs on here. If you can, id chat with a group of devs and join a dev alliance it is certainly worth it.
    10-29-12 11:44 PM
  3. recompile's Avatar
    Yeah, we've been down this road before:



    The "Next Big Thing" makes me nervous. Too often the "Next Big Thing" turns out to be "A clone of this wildly popular thing, only better in some intangible way!"
    11-01-12 03:33 PM
  4. SCrid2000's Avatar
    You can contact me if you want help and I'll let you know if it's worth my time and we can discuss what's in it for me.
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    11-30-12 09:50 PM
  5. TheStoof's Avatar
    The problem with me is that I'm happy with text-only GUIs when it comes to my "functional" apps. I'm no GUI designer. Maybe one day.

    I'm learning QML/JS to create a Cascades Tennis Scoring app. I made one on Android, but I want to learn how the BB10 works. Needless to say...it's simple.
    12-02-12 10:58 AM

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