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    Hi everyone, Sorry in advance for the looong post. I'm very new to developing and am just learning html5, css, and javascript.

    I downloaded the ripple emulator for chrome, I can get regular pages (like the google homepage) to appear in the emulator for playbook os2.0, but any of my local apps I cannot get to load, I always get the message

    "Looks like what we have here is a failure to... emulate.
    For some strange reason it looks like we are unable to load. This
    could be a problem with your application, with ours, or that you may require more time to finish loading it."

    Then I can hit "FIRE" to "pick up a shotgun and blow away all all of Ripple's settings in an attempt to purge out the bad stuff." or I can hit "Wait"

    I've tried hitting both and I just get the same page over and over.

    When I am using the Ripple emulator on the google homepage, under "config" it says

    - validation passed
    - validation failed
    - Node is missing, but not required
    config.xml file could not be found in the application's root or is malformed XML.

    Is it just showing this message because it's google's page and I can't actually get acces to their config.xml file? Or is it having trouble finding the xml files for my app?

    I can't even get the hello world app to work on ripple.

    I've downloaded the sdk and the ripple SDK path is set up to that file
    Project root is set up to the specific folder of my app (index file is within the folder)

    I've also tried closing and re-opening chrome, tried deleting and re downloading the ripple extension, and re starting my computer.
    And in the ripple extension I have "Allow access to file URL's" checked.

    I also saw a youtube video and he said to click your start menu, right click chrome, click properties, and in "target" add "--enable-extensions --allow-file-access-from-files" to the end, so i've done that.

    Do I need to create a folder called "RippleSites" in C:\Users\username\ and put my whole app file in there?

    Thanks in advance, I appreciate any help or suggestions you can give me, but try to keep it simple, and spell it out for me lol

    And if you have any questions just let me know.
    12-02-12 10:10 PM
  2. thrrgilag's Avatar
    That's pretty much the way I use Ripple, place your app into a folder under RippleSites and then make sure you start up the services so it runs a local webserver. The option is for some odd reason only visible once your are looking at another page with the Ripple extension enabled. Once you get it started you'll see the service starting up in a command window at which point you can then point Chrome to localhost:9000 + the path to your index file.
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    12-03-12 06:24 AM
  3. jordandrews90's Avatar
    I can't believe I finally got it to work! lol Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and help me out. I was under the impression that I only needed to start services once I wanted to bundle my app, thats the way they make it look on the Blackberry Developer website.
    12-03-12 06:15 PM

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