1. shebmiller's Avatar
    Humour me for a minute (of humor if you're from the States)

    Earlier today I saw a tweet about the OGRE engine being ported to BB10 (see github link: https://github.com/blackberry/OGRE ) This is the open source engine used for Torchlight and Torchlight 2, a Diablo'esque real time, top down, point and click RPG. Now, I for one would love to see a game like Torchlight make it to the BB10 platform, and I'm sure that in time it could, it got me thinking about other things... Allow me if you will to take the above game as an example. The game follows the same basic principles of most point and click dungeon RPGs but one of the features that sets this one apart from a game like Diablo is your companion pet (you chose a dog or a cat). This pet follows you and helps you fight enemies as well as runs to town for you to sell your loot. now that I've given you very basic background knowledge on the game let me ask you this:

    Wouldn't it be really cool to see a "minigame" brought to the BB10 platform where you would play your character's pet: find loot, gain exp, gather gold, etc. and whatever you do in this minigame get's pushed to your pc (full game) content? Okay I know I've used a very specific example, but what I'm asking and and pointing to is this : It would be VERY cool to see games come to BB10 that are integrated with PC/Desktop games in a like minded fashion. I know RPG fans would love to be able to bring a piece of their RPG with them on the road, and while the screen real-estate isn't ideal for some of the game types, the possibilities of creating additional content on a mobile platform with the same quality as it'S desktop big borhter (or sister) would be amazing.

    Anyway I'm done day dreaming for now. I hope this made a bit of sense.

    01-07-13 02:53 PM
  2. cg76's Avatar
    That's cool! I've been waiting for ogre3d to port to bb10, exciting indeed
    01-07-13 07:31 PM
  3. KermEd's Avatar
    Very very interesting

    Sent from my BlackBerry Veedu using Tapatalk 3
    01-16-13 08:01 AM

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