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    Thought I posted a reply here but

    For folks seeking details in the future:

    Offshore resources (like at Guru.com) can be a great cheap alternative. 10-15/hr per developer is common.
    On shore teams like mine charge a minimum of 40/hr per dev. And we go as high as 150. But we specialize in business critical apps.
    Students can often be conscripted for 15-25/hr +.

    It all depends on needs. Datacollection? Needs a server setup. Graphics? Needs a designer. Complex apps? Tech writers for proper documentation.

    It just depends on what you are willing to spend. With developers you always get what you pay for (warranty period? Do they have an emergency plan for you? Dedicated SLA times and developers you can call for an emergency? Do they have a documented QA plan? Did they provide documentation on the app + source code + access to a copy of last resort? Good translations throughout? Do you really need or want any of that?).

    My crew would be overkill for a camera app (id probably give it to a newer dev) but if you were running a point of sale system, we would be a solid investment. As we maintain incremental backups, backup VPS's (virtual servers), emergency coders, and some very experienced folk. I would say 200 is certainly doable by others - just remember you always get what you pay for. I would ball park this around 1500-2000 (+/- 50% without knowing the full scope) to do properly with full QA and proper data collection from a group like mine.

    Cheers to those with detailed answers.

    Note:. Made some edits above.

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