1. Paguito's Avatar
    I went back from vacations yesterday and sadly when I came back home and turned wifi on my z30 was unable to connect to my home network.

    Actually it says at first "unable to authenticate to the network" and then when it tries to connect the phone reaches on the first step "associated to the network" but can't go ahead.

    I already tried deleting all the saved networks and I've restarted my router too, but nothing seems working.

    All the other devices in the house (phones, desktops and laptops) are perfectly connected.

    I couldn't find much on the web or in CB, but it seems a common problem introduced with OS 10.2 (i'm running

    Any idea?

    08-05-14 02:49 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    If its a common problem with the OS, looks like you need to reload the OS and drop down to something more compatible.

    Did it work BEFORE vacation?
    08-05-14 08:25 AM
  3. ezapper2's Avatar
    No, no, no.

    Before going through madness try some simple stuff.

    If your a techy person that is.
    What kind of authentication do you have setup?
    Wep, wpa, wpa2?
    What OS are you running?
    What kind of router do you use?

    Can you setup a second network and test?
    Can you set the network to open and test?
    Can your device connect to another Wifi network not in your home?

    I'll be quite honest the main reason you see this issue a lot is because the routers are ****! Although it seems like a BlackBerry problem 9/10 times it's the networking layer piece. I spent $250 on a solid Wifi router and it works Mint! Z30STA100-5/

    Let us know.

    Rogers Deals and Discounts C0022C8F2
    08-05-14 08:55 AM
  4. Paguito's Avatar
    Before vacation wifi on my z30 was working smoothly.

    I use a wpa/wpa2 personal authentication, and running OS (no updates available).

    As router I'm actually using one from fastweb, my Internet provider, but I can't find specific name.

    I can't test in these days (i'm sick) if the phone reaches on connecting to another wifi network, and sadly I'm not sure about what you mean asking "to setup a second network" (you mean though my home router?) and "set the network to open".

    Thanks for your help and sorry about my bad knowledge.

    08-06-14 04:59 AM
  5. ezapper2's Avatar
    That's ok.

    Just as a test change your authentication from WPA to open and try.

    How long have you had the Z30 working on this router before your vacation ?

    It's a stretch but maybe your router was hacked. If you know how to reconfigure it do a hard Reset and start over on the router.

    Rogers Deals and Discounts C0022C8F2
    08-06-14 03:22 PM
  6. BlackBerryRules2006's Avatar
    Until you can get out of the house, is there someone else there that can set up a hot spot on their phone and see if you can connect to wifi that way?

    Next BBM update....BBM Peek
    08-06-14 08:58 PM
  7. Paguito's Avatar
    Ok, so I made some test and my Z30 can actually connect without any problem either to a public wi-fi or trough tethering with another mobile device.

    Therefore that the problem is related to my own home connection.

    Yesterday I got on my BB the leaked (hybrid) which is working fine but didn't resolve the problem (same issue).

    Any other things I may do?
    08-10-14 04:28 PM
  8. ezapper2's Avatar
    New router. Spend money on a good one.

    Rogers Deals and Discounts C0022C8F2
    08-10-14 04:34 PM
  9. Paguito's Avatar
    How can it be the router if all the other devices in the house are perfectly working?

    (serious question, no joking!)

    BTW is there any way I can share my connection from my Mac to my z30 via usb in the meanwhile?
    08-10-14 05:04 PM
  10. ezapper2's Avatar
    Honestly I went through the same thing a while back.

    For some reason BlackBerry has a problem working with really ****ty routers. Especially when the connection gets dropped and it tries to reconnect. I spent so much money switching from linksys to dlink to netgear to Asus and always had problems. The price range was 30-100$ for all of them.

    Then I finally bit the bullet and bought an Asus RT-AC68U ($275) tax in. I've gone 6 months and only one reboot of the router.

    My Blackberries don't have any issues connecting to this router.
    Z30 wifi issue-img_20140811_153621.jpg

    Rogers Deals and Discounts C0022C8F2
    08-11-14 02:36 PM
  11. anon721037's Avatar
    Just delete it and set up again.

    08-11-14 02:46 PM
  12. GiantSchnauzer's Avatar
    If it's an imac, you can connect it to your router via Ethernet cable and share the Internet access through its wireless card, so basically create a new wireless network that ur BlackBerry can connect to...

    Z30 Pooooooooower!
    08-11-14 05:31 PM
  13. GiantSchnauzer's Avatar
    Z30 wifi issue-img_20140718_105714.jpg this router kicks *** in range and power

    Z30 Pooooooooower!
    08-16-14 04:32 AM
  14. ezapper2's Avatar
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20140718_105714.jpg 
Views:	78 
Size:	29.6 KB 
ID:	291071 this router kicks *** in range and power

    Z30 Pooooooooower!
    It's still a dlink... but probably better than most

    Rogers Deals and Discounts C0022C8F2
    08-16-14 09:18 PM

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