1. Sbmehta's Avatar
    I need help, my beloved Torch 9800 has finally started to play up and despite being fixed I know I have to replace it. I cant wait until November despite being keen on the idea of a shiny new Classic and am unsure if I shold go for the q10 or z30. The specs on both aref ine for my use which is business via email message etc, some browsing and basic apps eg facebook and I cant wait to finally try out the hub. I am not a fan of touch typing with Iphones and Samsung androids irritating me no end but as both models lack the back and home buttons, will I miss the physical qwerty keyboard? I am keen in tbe size of the z30 and overall performance but the physical keyboard on the q10 still draws me in....

    Any thoughts or experience shared would be great
    07-24-14 05:01 PM
  2. middbrew's Avatar
    First off, everyone I've talked to says the touch typing on the Z30 is unbelievable and very easy. Much better than the iPhones and Androids. That being said, if you are more interested in the classic you might be about to find a reasonably priced Q10 or even another 9800 to tie you over until the classic comes out. Worst case is you buy a Q10 and like it so much you don't need to wait for the classic.
    07-24-14 05:12 PM
  3. anon1727506's Avatar
    Don't miss my Bold at all... all touch with predictive text works very good for me. And the screen real estate of the Z30 would seal the deal for me.

    But then there are plenty of people that will never give up on their BlackBerry keyboard.... except maybe for the Passports?

    Only you really know what will work for you. Try them both...
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    07-24-14 05:13 PM
  4. Joao Oliveira's Avatar
    They are so different. If anything that involves texting and comunication is your MAIN priority like is mine, go for the Q10 do doubt. But I don't play games, or kill time watching videos on youtube. All I want is the best comunication tools, that also allows me to have some usefull apps for my work and other stuff.

    Physical keyboard allows you to type on the go, either walking, running, going dow stairs, on the back of a bumpy taxy, typing without even looking at the phone, but it uses 40% of the phone that could be used for screen

    If you spend a lot of time in social feeds, like to play games and watch videos, Z30 is much better than Q10. And the digital keyboard on blackberry is much better than android or iphone, if you're concentrated on a phone, you can type as quick as physical keyboard, the only advantage for me is it's not as good type on "difficult situatios" and you have tyo stare at the phone to type

    Should be a easy choice once you consider your priorities.
    07-24-14 05:25 PM

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