1. divernan's Avatar
    I noticed yesterday that while I have no problem receiving incoming emails (AOL) I am not able to reply or forward to the emails. I did a restart and no luck fixing the problem. Today I did a test email and it also would not go out.
    Any suggestions? I'm on Verizon.

    From my totally Awesome Z30
    07-23-14 10:18 AM
  2. muellerto's Avatar
    Incoming and outgoing email servers are totally different. You can have a correct configured incoming mail server (IMAP or POP3) but it can happen that your outgoing mail server (SMTP) is not properly configured. So you can receive (and move and delete mails) but not send or answer.

    If this issue is new (this means: you could already send some days ago but not now anymore) then check if something happend on the outgoing mail server (SMTP). Sometimes the providers change security guidelines. Especially many providers don't allow unencrypted access anymore as in the years before. Then you must change to SSL encryption. A provider should mention this on his web page.

    If you are not sure, try a desktop mail client on that server.
    07-23-14 10:39 AM
  3. divernan's Avatar
    Thanks. Yes the issue is new. I did check those things and they seem to be correct. Updated it again and still not working. I'm very frustrated.

    From my totally Awesome Z30
    07-23-14 11:57 AM
  4. tex3523's Avatar
    Try this. Play around with the port numbers. For outgoing it says 587. But if you have trouble try 465.



    Posted from my awesome Q10
    07-23-14 01:15 PM
  5. muellerto's Avatar
    Try this. Play around with the port numbers. For outgoing it says 587. But if you have trouble try 465.
    587 is TLS or STARTTLS, 465 is SSL encrypted. Some providers use even non standard port numbers. (But I can't believe that a provider changed his ports.)

    Check also the so called authentication method. Some providers used clear text (unencrypted) passwords in the last years. Now they require password encryption.

    Check if your user or account name is right. Once I had a mail provider who didn't accept the mail address for login. Instead the customer number was needed.

    BTW: you can probably use any nother SMTP server, if you have one. Many SMTP servers accept any sender names whatever you give them. (One reason why sending SPAM is so easy ...)
    07-24-14 12:44 AM
  6. divernan's Avatar
    Thanks for the ideas. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to this stuff.

    I looked at my email account and here is what I have :


    I tried changing the smtp port number to 587 but forgot to change SSL. Now it doesn't recognize me and says - not all connections were closed in the allotted time.
    I did a shutdown and restart and at least incoming email is working again.

    What a mess.

    From my totally Awesome Z30
    07-24-14 08:35 AM
  7. divernan's Avatar
    Posting an update - spontaneous correction of the problem. I didn't have time to mess with it for two days and now it seems to be working. So for that I'm grateful.
    Thanks for the great suggestions. Much appreciated

    From my totally Awesome Z30
    07-25-14 08:30 PM

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