1. Black Ice's Avatar
    OK my Z30 has to be rebooted every time I want to see a link to any media videos. Even the YouTube app doesn't help. Nope not the built in link but the app that I bought in the app store give me the blues.
    I'm trying to keep my wits and not upgrade to a passport or just leave BlackBerry all together just got an iPhone (please don't throw rocks at me but I needed it to do things that my BlackBerry device can't do and so I traded out from my Classic to the iPhone 6 as much as I hated to do I had to do it) and so far in o problems with aside from typing it's a nice phone.
    BlackBerry Z30 is king of typing but from time to time I need to view videos embedded in links but if I must reboot every time I need to view media then I may throw in the towel and move on to greener grass. I have the latest update too!
    Please help I hate to wait for a simple reboot just to watch a few minutes of video that's insane!

    05-14-15 03:35 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    this is a bizarre thing. I have had my Z30 ONLY for over a year and have never had this issue. What OS do you have? Load something that works....like and see what happens.
    get an OS from herehttps://drive.bitcasa.com/send/6tMMp...dTocYhTwQn6io#
    05-25-15 07:22 AM
  3. Black Ice's Avatar
    I think I figured out what it was. And thanks for the link I may use it if my theory proves wrong. What I think triggered the native music app to open was my Bluetooth.
    I have switched to a different headset and I haven't seen the problem as of late.
    I think it has something to do so the AD2P on the high end headsets I have been using but now that I have a upper mid grade headset I have not seen the problem.
    But I will keep an eye on it till I see if I will like the Passport better.
    I prefer the Z30 but I have seen a few minor typing issues pop up after the 3.? From AT&T (Used to be able to type really fast but seems like the preset words that pop up are closer together than before the update)
    If I don't like the passport I'll send it back and try the download.
    Hey thanks!

    06-01-15 03:59 AM

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