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    I cant figure out d how to add the phone number that has just called (and is now listed in my CALLS list ) to be quickly added to my contacts without having to retype the # that is already listed in my CALLS list. I have searched the help app, and cannot find answer to this specific question what am I missing? Doing this wqs very simple in legacy devices... I dont always have pen and paper on me when i am on the go,(to be able to remember the # that just called me, then to be able to type it into and add it to my contacts list. ..maybe I'm missing something or just brain dead but there must be a way, on such a sophisticated device as z30 to add # that just called me to my contacts without having to first remember the # and then have to retype that # when it is alreqdy listed in the calls list should be able to quickly add that # without having to retype the # to get thta phone # into contacts list I have tried swiping down from top of calls list, and I do not see an option to quickly do this with few key strokes or twps like I could with earlier toolbelt legacy devices with menu keys any time ai try to use the # in my call list to quickly add that # to contacts, of course it just starts to call them (which I do not want when i tap on that # in my CALLS List when i t i am just trying to add that # to contacts list. This task was s

    o mich more user-friendly to do with legacy models be ause of the toolbelt, menu key i have tried searching help and cannot fins directions how to do this by somrhow usi g the phone# already listed in the calls list (so that I don't have to remember the # when I dont have pen and paper on me older devices would let me add the # just called without having to remember the Phone # and retype it into the contact app to add that contact quickly. I am sure such qsopjlllltactakeype the # into contacts be tappi f in tr

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    12-11-14 06:28 PM
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    Click and hold the number you want to save for second
    A menu pops up on the right side
    Click add to contacts

    Easy as ever. Many menus are accessible this way throughout the phone as well
    12-11-14 06:36 PM
  3. Judyam's Avatar
    Sorry for all the typos ..nsg sent before i was finished and had chance to ck spelling.
    Thank you SO much, thats what I was trying to do but apparently wasn't holding it long enough ( out of fear of calling the # )

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    12-11-14 06:51 PM
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    Thanks so much Mad-mdx;Don't know why i couldn't find this info in the Help app

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    12-11-14 06:55 PM

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