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    Hi, I have z3 which is unlocked. I want to know which u.s based carrier or carrier from any part of the world has direct selling of z3 i.e carrier locked?
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    06-18-15 01:54 PM
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    Not sure what you want...to know what carrier in the world is selling the Z3 locked?

    The Z3 is not an LTE devices, while it will work on AT&T and T-Mobile in most area. It will not have LTE, so I can't imagine anyone it the US being interested in the Z3.

    The rest of the world, it should work... but you really need to be specific on where you will be using it as there are differences

    GSM : 900/1900/2100 MHz HSDPA : 900/1900/2100 MHz
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    06-18-15 02:28 PM
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    Yeah, I'm not sure either what you're asking. Which carriers sell the Z3 locked? You'd have to do a search on BB's website (country by country) to see which carriers sell the Z3, and then cross reference that with which ones amongst them sell their phones locked.

    The Z3 is not sold by any carriers in the US--locked or unlocked.
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    06-18-15 03:05 PM

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