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    I just need confirmation that TwitchTV in particular still works on the Z10 or Z30 ? I have been searching online and really havent found firm information on this. One thread says "yes" , while another says "no".

    On a side note, I was hoping to have a new phone by now but I cant decide on the Z10 or the Z30 based on my inability to find if streaming video works on either of these devices (NetFlix, Hulu, AmazonVideo etc.) . Also Im a Verizon customer with an old plan that wants to retain unlimited data, will either of these phones hinder that , in spite of me paying for a full price no contract device?
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    09-08-14 10:09 AM
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    I bought outright the Z30 to keep the Unlimited Data, (and yes you will use it) Netflix works happy, Showbox for movies. Amazon Prime can work, but Netflix has a better sellection. You can also use the Xfinity TV Go app for your csable line up.
    Get a 64 gigger card to put in the phone and your all set. The Battery life is faaaar superior on the Z30. AND the VZW version of the Z30 supporst qi wireless charging (you can get a charger for about 10/15 bucks on Amazon), and this saves your charging/data port for the important stuff (data!). The Micro HDMI port makes it great for plugging into the Hotel tv to watch your own movies instead of theirs )all you need is a 6 foot cable to pack along.

    Z30, you won't regret it.
    09-08-14 12:01 PM

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