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    Please help I recently updated my z10 (stl 2) to 10.3 os but It only boots to 99% I've only updated it via BlackBerry link! It just gets hot and keeps trying to boot and as soon as it turns off it turns back on and keeps trying until the battery goes flat! I have tried resetting it many times and it came on once and worked for 5 hours but then turned off with the battery draining really fast and would not boot again afterwards. Con I downgrade it to the old 10.2 os that it was happy on? Many thanks
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    03-13-15 03:33 PM
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    What method was used to load the OS? Try selecting the 'Factory Reset' option in Link under the 'Back Up & Restore' tab to restore the OS to it's latest official version...whatever it may be depending on your carrier.
    03-14-15 05:46 PM

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